Freak Scheduling Telly Carpetbombing to occur tomorrow Wed 18th July 2012

Hello there,

Tomorrow night [Wed 18th July 2012] My stupid face will be peering right down the lens at you on 3 different shows, 2 of them at the same time!.

At 8.30 I have a cameo role in Coronation street. It was immense fun to be involved and I share a scene with one of the smoothest men to ever walk planet earth.

Then at 10PM on Channel 4 I’m on A Short History of Everything Else, with Griff Rhys Jones, Marcus Brigstocke, Charlie Baker and Grace Dent, which should be a good laugh and I hope you enjoy it.

At the same time I’ll be on ‘Olympics most amazing moments’ BBC3 10PM spouting opinion and half baked theories about people doing things my body couldn’t even dream of doing, even after a full engine strip down and rebuild.

After that I’ll continue to be on ITV1’s Mad Mad World on saturday nights. 10.45PM I think every saturday until 11th August.

After that I shall undergo full facial reconstructive surgery based entirely upon rude comments people [obviously not you] will inevitably make about the shape of my face for being on their telly and then post photos of my new Frankenstein-esque appearance. On second thoughts I won’t I will take a picture of a potato wearing a baseball cap and put that up instead.

meantime I’ll keep scribbling away for my Autumn tour which I CAN’T WAIT FOR!!! and hopefully see you at one the dates.

Also: Please keep your questions, requests and randomness coming in to and I’ll get one done and up soon.

I trust all is well with you lovely people and big love to your faces

Speak soon

Rob. X

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