The Rob Rouse Podcast is now out there!

Hey there! I’m delighted to launch my new podcast. Here’s episode 1. I get my hair-cut by the brilliant songwriter and musician Gaz Coombes!

I spend a lot of time travelling, as I imagine you may do and in recent years I think podcasts have kept me sane as I plough up and down the country doing my gigs. So I thought it was time to put something into the podcast pot.

So the idea is I’m going to have entertaining and and interesting conversations with fascinating people while we’re doing something different.

So, we’re kicking off in rip roaring style with a superb first guest. It’s the truly brilliant musician and songwriter Gaz Coombes. You’ll no doubt know him from much loved chart-topping band Supergrass and more recently over the last 3 years or so he’s firmly established himself as a solo artist releasing two really fantastic records, his latest album ‘Matador’ has just been nominated for the Mercury Prize (which occurred just after this was recorded so we chatted again about that afterwards) It’s a such great record if you haven’t got it, grab a copy it’s just beautifully, crafted, soulful, amazing collection of songs, it’s just magic.

He’s also such a charming, funny and warm person and he came round and give me a haircut. during which we talked about all sorts of stuff and had a chicken dinner. Obviously that’s not how Parkinson does his interviews, but that’s how I did this one. And I think through the haircut we get into all sorts of stuff about creativity about the importance of making mistakes and also as I was listening back to it I realised how much fun it is to do something, when you really haven’t planned it out in any sense at all really and there’s also a great impromptu live performance from Gaz.

Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, so it plops into your inbox each weak-ish you can get in touch with the podcast by emailing me at or @robrouse on twitter. It’s that easy.

Super-importantly go see Gaz live, he’s out on the road through November and December, all dates are at

OOp should mention there’s a couple of swears and one, maybe two burps, both mine both involuntary, but I left the in as they happened just as we were talking about the how rough edges and mistakes kind of give things a vibe or atmosphere, so it would have felt wrong to nip them out.

So here it is episode No1. Gaz Coombes cuts Rob’s hair. This was recorded in early October of 2015.



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