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Good morning, Good afternoon, or Good evening and welcome cyber traveller. Please feel free to stay a while, browse through the pages or lean against a post and eat your sandwiches and drink from your hip-flask.

Here, you will find all information and whatnot pertaining to my professional activities.

I’m delighted and excited to embark on my second national tour, which kicks off at the Soho Theatre on 16th March, goes all right round the place then returns to London at the end of June. Tickets for all of these shows are available by simply clicking on the links, it’s as simple as that. So simple in fact, I can barely believe its taken me this long to co-ordinate a website that does this, then again, when I took woodwork over computers in CDT technology many years ago, I genuinely didn’t believe these things would catch on. How wrong I was, one of my schoolmates made a million in 3G software, but I have a toast rack.

After the tour, I’m filming a script I wrote with Baby Cow and I’ll keep you posted on that too, it’s all rather exciting.

Also, please join the mailing list, that way you’ll be the first to know my news and any upcoming events/spectaculars that are in the pipes.

Cheers and I hope to see you at a show soon.

Rob. x

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