Hello dear visitor/subscriber/lost person.
It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t updated my website since March!!!

Inexcusable I know, or maybe who needs more bumph cluttering up the Internet.

Just thought I’d mention that I’m planning to tour again in the early/spring of 2014 and am working on the stuff for that in stand up clubs up and down the country.

Also next month I’m filming a script I’ve written which is being funded by the brilliant people at Baby Cow and Lola production companies with the aim of making exactly the show we want to make then sending it to the channels to see if it’s the kind of thing they’d like to put on. I’m excited about it. If there’s any news on all that I’ll let you know and if you fancy coming to see I tour show just join the mailing list and you’ll be the first to know about that too.

Hope all is well with you whoever and wherever you are.

Rob 🙂

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Tried to leave a comment but it keeps telling me I done it before – Saw you in Stafford on Saturday night – I was the woman who said ‘all we can hear is you’ to the group of women who eventually f***ed off and left. I have written to the venue expressing my support for you and John, and pleaded with them not to give them their money back, and if possible ban them from any other comedy nights. I was with my husband and 2 stepsons and we all had a hoot – keep up the good work and please don’t let 5 p**sheads put you off coming back to Stafford soon. Their most telling moment (apart from falling over) was when they reckoned Stafford was posh – they were from somewhere in the Cannock area which makes Baghdad look pleasant :)honestly I haven’t – so I will try again

    • Rob says:

      Hey! Thanks for your support. I really enjoyed that gig and you’re right, hopefully those daft sods won’t come back to your lovely comedy club. It’s all part of the weeding out process eh!

      Rob xx

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